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Boston's premier producer of custom flags and banners for over 40 years.

Silkscreen & Acid Dying

Groton MA SilkscreenSilkscreening and Acid Dying begin with the same process -- color separated artwork is transferred to polyester mesh pulled over frames and color inks are forced through the mesh with a squeegee. From here, the processes diverge. Silkscreen inks air dry or cure with UV light, whereas Acid Dyed nylon goes through a series of treatments to set the color.

Silkscreening is single sided and has the sharpest images. Acid dying is suitable for exterior use and has excellent color on the backside. The images have a slightly less sharp edge.

Manufacturing Methods and Substrates

Acid Dying is always on 200-denier nylon. Silkscreening can be applied on a variety of substrates including nylon and vinyl.


Each is suitable for flags and banners up to 5 feet by 8 feet.


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