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Boston's premier producer of custom flags and banners for over 40 years.

Nylon Applique

Nylon Applique SlideshowFor the classic "sewn banner" applique is the way to go. Nylon is the fabric of choice for flags (on flagpoles) and applique is the best method for smaller quantities.

Nylon packs for travel like no other substrate. It's lightweight, folds up snug, and comes out looking like new -- which may be the reason why our nylon banners have traveled everywhere from the space shuttle to Himalayan mountain tops. View examples.

Manufacturing Methods and Substrates

We use 200-denier nylon manufactured specifically for the flag and banner industry. It's UV resistant. However, it will fade over time.


Any size, any shape, any time. From little boat burgees to building-sized banners, nylon is exceptionally pliable, durable, and vibrant.


Do you have a question we didn't answer or would you like a quote? Please send us an email or call our reps at 1-800-834-3524.


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