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Boston's premier producer of custom flags and banners for over 40 years.

U.S. Flags Retail

Old GloryWe sell U.S. flags in a variety of sizes and fabrics to suit your needs. Flags range in size from 4"x6" to 30'x50' and are available in the following fabrics:

Nylon: bright color, resistant to damaging ultraviolet radiation, longlasting, and best for flying in light breezes.

Polyester: Bright and fade-resistant colors, fabric-like look and feel, longlasting, and best for flying in heavy winds.

Cotton: Extra strength cotton weave designed to resist the elements, rich vibrant color, polyester headings, and embroidered stars, sewn stripes and hems.

Foreign and Specialty Flags

We carry a full line of Foreign National, State, Historical, and novelty flags. Call or email us for a brochure.

Flag Accessories

We have classroom flagpoles, parade and car accessories, and almost any flag gadget you might want. Call or email us for a brochure.

Flag Ettiquette

How do you display a flag? How do you care for a flag? When is flag day? Find the answers and more in flag etiquette.


Do you have a question we didn't answer or would you like a quote? Please send us an email or call our reps at 1-800-834-3524.


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