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Boston's premier producer of custom flags and banners for over 40 years.

Flagpoles Retail

FlagpolesHeritage Flag is a fully authorized dealer of fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles, with over 40 years of installation experience. So whether you want a pole for your rooftop or your patio, let our experts help you choose the right pole for you, and see it through to a safe and reliable installation. We sell commercial and residential flagpoles made out of fiberglass and aluminum.


Fiberglass flagpoles are computer designed based on NAAMM and AASHTO standards and are manufactured for maximum rigidity and axial strength. Commercial grade flagpoles are designed to withstand 120 m.p.h. winds unflagged. The flagpoles are lightweight and non-conductive, non-corrosive, rust proof, and come in a variety of standard or custom colors.


Aluminum flagpoles are made of 6063-T6 alloy seamless tubing and have a minimum yield strength of 30,000 psi, complying with ASTM B-241 standards. Aluminum flagpoles are available in these finishes:

Satin Brush: a textured finish achieved by abrasive polishing that yields a smooth and uniform appearance.

Anodized: a colored or clear finish achived by electrolysis. Recommended for coastal areas or matching building skins.

Organic Coating: also known as Powder Coating, this finish can range from simple paint to air drying epoxies, urethanes, and thermally cured fluorocarbons. Excellent durability, abrasion resistance, and environmentally friendly.

Statuary Antique: chemically oxidized bronze finish. High resistance to deterioration when coated with clear lacquer.

Galvinized: a zinc hot dip coating used on steel that yields a silver-like finish. Eliminates corrosion and highly durable.


Do you have a question we didn't answer or would you like a quote? Please send us an email or call our reps at 1-800-834-3524.


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